Pearl Financial Literacy - Providing the KEY to Financial Empowerment
Financial Education
The Richmond, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania areas have a vast array of community based organizations (CBOs) providing a wide range of human and social services. However, many of these individuals who have devoted their lives to serving others have little or no access to comprehensive financial planning, and the benefits it may provide to them. In addition, many CBO Directors and employees realize that their client service model may be greatly enhanced by providing financial literacy and education to those that they help in addition to their usual services. In spite of this realization, CBOs are reluctant to explore financial planning because they have little knowledge of, or confidence in, the financial services community. Pearl Financial Literacy endeavors to foster trust between CBOs and the financial community by providing unbiased planning, financial education workshops, and a trained staff to support their efforts to guide their clients to self-sufficiency. We collaborate with community based organizations to identify the need for financial planning for their staffs and their constituencies.
Our services include, but not limited to:
  • Financial education and training
  • Financial coaching
  • Financal awareness workshops
  • Training leaders of non-profit organizations
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